Thursday, March 5, 2009

These Things...

My little rest from...well...everything only lasted about 24 hours. Surprise, surprise! It was of my own volition though. I couldn't stay away from it all. Perhaps I need the go, go, go, more than I thought. Oh least it's not like it hasn't gotten me anywhere. I've received more hearts at my ETSY shop, another sale, and a request for another large commission. Maybe all that good karma I've been trying to spread around has finally come back!

I've been doing a lot of paper creations work lately. Maybe my creativeness needed a break from all the jewelry and that's why it decided to switch. I love working with paper and it really grew when I started making gift boxes for my jewelry pieces. To me, an embellished, beautiful box makes the contents even more special and alluring so that's why I started making them. I had received lots of compliments on them and a customer suggested that I make some and sell them in my shop. I made my Sweet Birdie Boxes and those sold in less then a day I think which surprised me greatly! I didn't think they would sell so quickly! They reached their destination just the other night and I am happy to say that these little boxes are bringing a smile to a customer's face. What a warming thought!

I made another set of those Sweet Birdie Boxes but in a lavender and grey set. They are almost done; they just need the holes punched and the ribbon tied and then they are ready to go! They are very pretty and would look great for a spring garden or tea party or just because! (I have a picture up top)

Well, back to cleaning up my office. We have guests coming over Saturday and we will be talking shop. I'd rather them not see what a mess I have going on here.


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beautiful blog...
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